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Poor web application design can lead to several challenges for businesses. These include low conversion rates, low engagement rates and more. Many challenges come with poor web application design. Poor web design can lead to a difficult-to-navigate and understand your website, which leads to negative user experience. Poor web design can also hinder the business’s ability to reach its target audience or customers. You may not optimize the website for mobile devices and thus will not be as accessible as it should be. It affects the business’s overall success by limiting its ability to grow in both size and reputation. That’s why businesses need to invest more in application design and development for their business.

Why choose Silicon Mind as a Web Application Development partner?

1. diverse set of cutting edge web application development frameworks & tools

From development to operations, we can help you streamline your processes and improve your efficiency. We have a team of experienced professionals who are well-versed in the latest technologies & tools and our services are designed to help you get the most out of your investment.

2. Design & Develop

Design web application including UI/UX, layout, database structure and the application work flow.

Develop the designed application using the latest frameworks and tools

3. Test & Deploy

Test the entire application to make sure that all features are error free and working as expected based on customer's  needs.

Deploy the developed application on either on premises or cloud based servers.

Silicon Mind Web Development Process

Silicon Mind takes a lot of things into consideration when creating the look and feel of the website. To help you not get overwhelmed the process of web design development can be divided into seven steps:

web dev-2

Information gathering

The focus of the first step is to gather all the necessary information for the project. As a design team, we ask relevant questions to go deeper into the business needs. Carefully analyze your requirements, define the application's purpose and determine the goals of the web application.

Planning and strategy wireframing

Using the information gathered from phase one, it is time to put it together and make a detailed website plan. At this point, a site map is developed. The site map is the list of all main topic areas of the website, including sub-topics, if applicable. This map will clarify what content will be on the website and will help to understand the navigational structure.

Graphical design

As a part of the design process, it is essential to carefully and tastefully apply such visual elements as the logo and brand colours, to strengthen the brand identity of the website.


At this point, the design itself should be ready. But it is usually in the form of static images. It requires  development to translate it into code and then to add a layer of animations or JavaScript, depending on the complexity of the design.


When the content and the visuals are in place, the testing process can be started. Every page has to be tested to make sure that all links are working and the website is displayed correctly in different browsers.

Delivery and launch

Once we are given final approval from the client, it is time for the website to go live. But before that, the site should be ran-through for the last time to confirm that all files have been uploaded correctly and that the site is fully functional. Besides, the website domain name should be registered, and web hosting accounts set up.


Once the website is live, some regular maintenance is usually required. User testing can be run on new content and features over and over to improve the usability and discoverability of features. This all can lead to new design and development tasks.


Most frequent questions and answers

This is a common question. But it’s not one we can answer without information about the particulars of what the web application needs to be and do. How large will it be? Does it require complex features and functions? Will it be a fairly simple web brochure or an elaborate online store? Etc. etc. etc.

This obviously depends on the size and complexity of the application. We start every project with a commitment to a completion date. Delays do occur but, they are usually related to the clients’:

  • changing specifications for the project.
  • slowness in preparing the content to populate the website
  • untimely responses to questions and requests for information.

We offer to host on many of our projects but you may choose to keep your current hosting company if you are happy with their services.

No, we don’t. Although this would be nice. You just need to have it ready by the time the site is built out and ready to receive it. Beware that content is the biggest source of website delays. It is not unusual for us to finish a project and wait for weeks for the client to deliver all of the content.