Who we are

Silicon Mind is a leading Egyptian company that provides high quality services in the fields of software development and professional services. Our team provides services for a wide range of technologies including web application development, mobile applications development, enterprise IT solutions, devops and cloud services. We challenge ourselves to grow and expand furthermore with the help of our combined talents.



To be the leading provider of innovative technology solutions in the fields of  software application development and enterprise IT infrastructure services.


To provide high-quality technology solutions in software development, cloud operations and IT infrastructure solutions enabling our customers to focus and enhance their core business.


To combine our experience in IT infrastructure and software development to build products & services that operate smoothly with challenging technology environments.

Why Choose Us

Top-Quality Talents

You will have access to the most highly-skilled and experienced talents who will fulfill your technology needs, and ensure the highest quality of services.

Better Communication

We cover all time zones, and ready to accommodate diversified cultures to make our customers confident about smooth working with no conflicts


We implement policies & best practices into your organization’s procedures, tools & systems that reinforce your business goals.

Cost Efficiency

We will get the job done with minimum input to bring you the maximum output, we can help you enhance productivity, and generate more profits.


No matter how much your business growth capacity increases, we can still provide you with 100% support for your project/product.


At Silicon Mind, we understand that reliability is key, that's why our commitment to excellence is at the heart of everything we do.