Web Application Development


► Web Application Development

    1. Design, develop, test & Implement web applications using different cutting-edge programming languages and tools.
    2. Building API's
    3. Consuming social media API's: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Line & WhatsApp.
    4. Integrating third parties as required by the customer
    5. Flexible to requirements changes based on customer's priorities & business needs.

Development over infrastructure 

    1. Design, develop, test & implement extra features not provided by vendors to get most out of the current running infrastructure 
    2. Integrating third party software as required by the customer

Data Science

    1. Machine learning & NLP (Natural Language Process) algorithms design and implementation.
    2. Sentiment Analysis
    3. Language detection
    4. Recommendation systems
    5. Text categorization & classification
    6. Big Data platforms, processing and analysis.


    1. MySQL
    2. SQL Server
    3. PostgreSQL
    4. MongoDB

Quality control & Quality Assurance

    1. Manual testing
    2. Automation testing (Selenium, Rspec, Jest, FactoryBot)
    3. API testing (Postman, Swagger)
    4. Performance testing (JMeter)


We implement a full scrum agile process and are flexible to manage requirement changes and customer priorities changes.

Our team is trained on a set of highly productive agile practices and uses the following project management and tracking tools:

  1. Jira
  2. Jinkens
  3. Confluence
  4. Bitbucket
  5. Github
  6. Bamboo
  7. Redmine