Our Services

Web Application

We develop custom web applications that are reliable, secure and scalable. We maintain our framework that enables a quick response to any change in the requirements. We develop both front and back end with the latest technologies available in the community.

Mobile Application

We build mobile applications with two paradigms either a cross-platform or using native languages. We offer the complete mobile application development solution with a profissional UI/UX design and a complete web APIs.


We optimize your development through different platforms using cloud or on-premises infrastructure so you always build fast and cut costs with improved quality.Transform the way your team works by bridging the gap between development and operational services.


  • Languages and Framework:

Backend:RubyonRails,NodeJs,Python,PHP, .Net.

Frontend:React,Angular,Bootstrap,jQuery,CSS3, HTML5.

  • Building and consuming social media API’s:

Facebook, Twitter

YouTube & WhatsApp.

  • Data Science:

Machine learning & NLP algorithms design and implementation. Big Data platforms, processing and analysis.

  • Databases:

MySQL, SQL Server, 

PostgreSQL, MongoDB

  • Quality control & Assurance:

1.Manual testing, 2.Automation testing (Selenium, Rspec, Jest, FactoryBot), 3.API testing (Postman, Swagger), 4.Performance testing (JMeter).

  • DevOps:

Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Prometheus, Grafana, Jinkens, Rides, RabbitMQ, NginX,Apache.