The Key to your Business Success

Silicon Mind company is the right choice for network infrastructure design, building & management. We’ve helped our clients revolutionize their enterprise infrastructure & grow it to reach its full potential. Our services include hardware, software & professional services to facilitate communication between the employees internally as well as the employees and their clients.

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In today’s digital age, business success & productivity doesn’t only depend on hardworking employees & high-functioning appliances, for the business to run smoothly it requires a solid & secure network infrastructure. Otherwise, your business may suffer from a poor user experience that directly impacts employees & their productivity, which will increase costs and may damage your business, so it’s essential to have a well-organized enterprise network infrastructure for the business to run efficiently.

Why choose Silicon Mind as a provider for enterprise network Infrastructure?

1. wide range of Network Infrastructure technologies.

Network infrastructure technologies include routing, Internet, WAN, VPN, switching, data centers, enterprise wireless LAN, IP telephony, VoIP, information security, video conferencing &  surveillance.

Systems infrastructure technologies include Microsoft system administration, Linux/Unix administration, VMware virtualization, storage systems, database administration, email system administration, 

2. Design & Build

Design and implement different technologies based on business needs.

Solve any compatibility issues between different vendors.

3. Optimize & Integrate

Optimize running technologies to meet best practices eliminating any bottlenecks or slowness.

Integrate multi-vendor technologies, and network utility programs to work smoothly together.

Silicon Mind Infrastructure Service Process

Silicon Mind can help an organization improve and scale its enterprise IT infrastructure by building & optimizing its network infrastructure.

Our integrated and controlled process gives us the advantage of improved quality and accelerated engineering productivity.

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Business Analysis

We conduct research to gain insights into existing processes, systems, and structures that could potentially be optimized. Furthermore, we gather stakeholder feedback and perform gap analyses to determine what changes are necessary to ensure the end-to-end success of a project.

Solution Planning

Solution planning is the most important step in the process, we analyze customer needs and develop plans that utilize existing resources while also allowing for scalability. We evaluate the potential solutions in terms of their technical efficiency, reach, security, cost-effectiveness, and scalability.

Environment Setup

We provision and configure all technical implementations necessary to create an integrated environment that supports the processes involved, through tools integrated with various pipelines.  We implement the best practices in order to ensure that changes made within the environment are properly tracked and utilized using different technologies to fit properly in place along with implementing a flexible environment.

Applying Security Fundamentals

Applying Security Fundamentals is a crucial component throughout the process. we develop a range of security-related strategies and technologies in order to ensure that all data, applications, and systems remain secure throughout the entire practice of design & implementation.

operations Support

Continuous Support of the IT Infrastructure is the primary reason for it to be successful, we ensure that everything is functioning correctly and meeting user needs. Silicon Mind performs best for every customer as we provide ongoing maintenance and problem resolution in minimal time.


Most frequent questions and answers

If your organization’s core business is non-IT related (e.g. manufacturing, trading, etc), but relies on IT infrastructure for process automation, efficiency and more, we can be your IT partner to help ensure your IT infrastructure is always running.  Our administrators work to ensure your IT systems are safe from any security vulnerabilities that might cripple your systems and cause downtime to your business.

To protect your business data, we regularly back up your environment.

A standard backup strategy will be as follows:

Daily backup is kept for 2 weeks

Weekly backup is kept for 5 weeks

Monthly backup is kept for 12 months

Yearly backup is kept for 7 years

We can customize a different backup strategy base on your requirements.

Besides a primary site that hosts your production IT infrastructure, if you feel you need to have a secondary operations site, in case of catastrophic damages at the primary site, we can work with you to design and implement an IT disaster recovery plan.  This typically involves the pre-setup of alternate systems at a secondary site.  An IT disaster recovery plan will be defined and annual disaster recovery exercises conducted to familiarize all relevant parties with the recovery processes. 

We will assess the number of operating systems instances you need us to manage and the complexity of the network infrastructure you require us to maintain for you.  With this understanding, we can then propose our professional services to help you keep your IT operations running. Contact us so we may appreciate and customize support solutions for your specific IT application needs.